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" Together, we can reach the summit of excellence! "

Who Are We?

Our Philosophy

Our excellent reputation is based on the quality of our services.

We believe that a personalized and human approach is essential to bring out the very best of any individual. Our ultimate goal is to help our candidates find satisfaction and personal development in all aspects of their lives, either personal or professional.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clientele with specialized recruiting services for the hiring of Cadres & Executives and other key positions in professional sectors such as:

Our Objectives

Our goal is to find firms and candidates who are compatible and therefore establish a perfect match. We try to choose the best qualified candidates for the firms we recruit for and thus provide both parties with long-term satisfaction.

Finding this perfect fit means us committing the time to meet with every candidate whose skills and experience match our client’s needs. Our recruiting style is a personal one, and we wish to keep in contact with every candidate on a regular basis, just like we take the extra time to really know our clients so we can bring them the best candidates. We want to get to know our clientele, so we can meet their needs and expectations.

To Employers,

Please contact us if you are looking for the perfect candidate...

We will do our best to give you entire satisfaction!

To Candidates,

Please contact us if you are looking for a new professional challenge. If you don’t find an interesting opportunity on our website, we invite you to contact us to let us know what type of position could be of interest to you. We are continuously developing new opportunities and it will be a pleasure for us to search our network to find you a suitable position.

Our Mandates

We are mandated by different companies to find the right candidates for the right position.

Financial & Accounting Sector

  • Director of Audit Services
  • Internal Auditor
  • External Auditor
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox) Auditor
  • Information Technology (IT) Auditor
  • Tax Specialist Manager (Canada and/or U.S.)
  • Tax Specialist
  • R & D Manager (Scientific Research and Experimental Development, SR & ED)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Manager
  • Business Valuation Expert
  • Risk Management Director
  • Accounting Research Manager (CICA Accounting Standards, etc.)
  • Accountant (CA, CGA, CMA, etc.)
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Translator
  • And Others...

Engineering Sector

  • Engineers

    • Civil Engineer
    • Automation Engineer
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • And Others...

    All Engineers must be licensed with the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)

  • Technologists

    • Civil Engineering Technician
    • Automation Technician
    • Mechanical Engineering Technician (C License required)
    • Electrical Engineering Technician (A License required)
    • Technical Drawer/Draftsman
    • And Others...

Information Technology (IT) Sector

  • Network Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Translator
  • And Others...

Aeronautical Sector

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Structures Designer
  • Chief Mechanical Designer
  • Technical Drawer/Draftsman
  • Technical Support Technologist
  • Structure Specialist
  • Stress Analyst
  • Avionics Specialist
  • Professional in Design Engineering
  • Technical Translator
  • Logistics Agent
  • Senior Buyer
  • Financial Analyst
  • And Others...

Pharmaceutical Sector

  • Chemist
  • Biochemist
  • R & D Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Translator
  • Finance & Accounting (different positions)
  • Information Technology (different positions)
  • And Others...

Submit your CV

Please submit your CV if one of our advertised positions matches your interest or if you
would like us to develop an eventual career opportunity through our client network.

In either case we will contact you and keep your information in our database. Please be assured that
we will treat your request with confidentiality to preserve integrity and professionalism.

Looking forward to collaborate with you!

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